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I attended the recently held 2 days seminar workshop on 16th MARC 21 Workshop Reloaded at the University of Immaculate Conception, Father Selga Street, Davao City last Nov. 27-28, 2009. That was a very interesting workshop, it’s not just a discussion but it also includes actual application, wherein every participant was allotted with one computer and the trainor teaches the participants the step-by-step process. I really learn a lot on the said workshop, especially during the actual hands on regarding the topics discussed, the speakers are very much eager to share their knowledge and expertise on the topics assigned to them. Attending this kind of workshop makes us aware and updated on the latest trends in the library profession. The introduction of RDA, makes us aware on how to adopt such changes in the technical aspects of cataloging. Learning really takes place in this workshop. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us.

After a two-day workshop we did not fail to enjoy the beauty of Davao City, a tour on Peoples Park, Aldovinco, Bangkerohan Fruit Stand as well as the Paradise Island Resort in Samal Island. But of course we did not fail to visit San Pedro Church. It was a very memorable experience with my colleagues and EISI group. To the EISI Company, and the staff of University of Immaculate Conception Library congratulations to all of you that was a very successful workshop, the participants really enjoy your company and hope you will continue sponsoring this kind of workshop for the welfare of librarians.

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