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Alliance Graduate School Library Testimony


by Ma. Maishel N. Lumaban
Product: Follett Destiny Library Manager

When our board of trustees requested to have our library resources visible in the web, I sought for a new program because our current Athena system cannot provide access on the web.

I was introduced to Destiny Resource Management solution by our partner in USA Summer Institute of Linguistics since they were also using Athena before. So I invited Electronic Information Solutions to our office and they made a demonstration of the product called 'Destiny version 9'. I was impressed by the product. Also, when I heard that FEU and Union Church of Manila are using the same product I called them right away and made an investigation regarding their technical assistance and they gave me a good feedback about EISI's technical support. When buying a product, I will consider first the aspect of technical assistance, if they are 100% supportive of me and can easily respond to my call. Googletalk is always available for us to seek assistance from them. I requested two times for demonstration: first, with my staff, and second I invited the decision makers in our office together with our faculty and Finance administrator to watch the product demonstration. After the demonstration I asked them about the product and all of them gave a thumbs up sign, no words but thumbs up. And then I made a requisition to purchase the product.

What is good in the Destiny product?

  • Web-based design - searching the library collections can be done whether you are at home or at the office, and there are many additional features: like you can reserve and renew the book through internet.
  • Cataloging - the process of cataloging is not a burden for the librarian, which involves simple downloading and importing of the data from many sources. The original cataloging provides a selection to correct punctuations to be used. It will add to your collection in a real time.
  • Circulation - is so simple and friendly, there is lot of information displayed in one screen and a lot of features added to it.
  • Report - the report is customized according to your needs
  • Back-up - automatic back-up is easy to set-up
  • What is amazing is in Destiny Quest the top 10 books and new arrival books are displayed for your faculty and staff to be informed
  • Daily transaction and encoding are in the real time

  • Now, I received the new version of Destiny 9.5 with added features on it. I am contented with the product and I will recommend the Destiny software for your library. There are a lot more features in the product that I'm still discovering by manipulating the software.



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